January 28, 2023

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For you this week:

  • Reflection for Saturday: “Who me? An apostle?” Yes, YOU!
  • Inside the Ministry: We couldn’t imagine it. But God did.
  • This week’s faith-builder: The story of Good News Ministries reveals God’s amazing way
  • This week’s new video: Two stories of healing from father wounds

This week’s Trivia Challenge: In the earliest days of the Church, who took Judas Iscariot’s place as one of the 12 founding apostles? (Check your answer at the end of this newsletter.)

Saturday January 28, 2023
Memorial of Saint Thomas Aquinas

ScripturesHebrews 11:1-2, 8-19
Lk 1:69-75
Mark 4:35-41

Saints Calendar:

Faith is the realization of what is hoped for and evidence of things not seen. (From Saturday’s first reading)

Reflection for Saturday:
“Who me? An apostle?” Yes, YOU!

Ralph ModicaWe are celebrating the founding of Good News Ministries 28 years ago on January 30, 1995. What a journey it’s been! I’m super delighted that you have joined us. And my co-founding husband, Ralph, would like to share with you a few words.

As I reflect on the fact that it was 28 years ago when the Lord called Terry and me to found Good News Ministries of Tampa Bay (now globally known as GNM.org), what comes to mind is one of my favorite quotes:

“From our union with Christ, each one of the lay faithful derive the right and duty to be apostles. In the Church there is diversity of ministry, but oneness of mission. The laity, in accordance with their state of life, live in the world and are called by God to exercise their apostolates in the world, like leaven, with the ardor of the spirit of Christ.” (From The Decree on Apostolate of the Laity, Vatican Council II.)

You might ask, as I did 28 years ago: “Who me? An apostle?” Yes — YOU! No matter what your station or role in life, YOU are an apostle! Called by Christ himself!

Those whom I’ve been honored to speak with in person know that I often preach and teach about the “silent evangelists” who are all around us. Most of the laity (99% of us) are not directly involved in obvious religious activity or ministry. You and I are called to be witnesses, yes — evangelists, often “silent”, to the world around us.

In the early days of Good News Ministries, Terry and I taught in parishes and retreat centers as a husband-wife team of Catholic evangelists. As the ministry grew and grew larger, I stepped back “behind the scenes” as an everyday evangelist in the world while supporting Terry’s efforts at nurturing the on-line, world-wide Good News Ministries.

For nearly ten years, we relied on my income, sacrificing much financially so that Good News Ministries could be developed to reach the many, many people around the entire world. Terry could have taken a secular job to help support our family and put our two children through college, but both of us firmly believed in what God had commissioned us to build. For his part, God has NEVER let us go hungry or let our financial needs go unmet. Whatever generosity we gave towards God’s work simply cannot out-do God’s generosity toward us! Believe it and live it!

If you have recently donated to help support Good News Ministries, Terry and I thank you and ask God’s greatest blessings upon you. If you’ve not yet realized your importance as a supportive apostle, or if it’s been a while since you contributed to God’s work through Good News Ministries, I most humbly ask you to consider sending a donation and help us to “make disciples of all nations.”

Many reading this would like to but cannot help in this way: We ask you for your prayer support.

May God’s Abundant Blessings be upon you and all your loved ones! You are all in Terry’s and my prayers.

In Christ,
Co-founder of Good News Ministries (and Terry’s husband & co-evangelist)

Inside the Ministry:
We couldn’t imagine it. But God did. Now we’re celebrating the 28th anniversary of Good News Ministries!

Terry and Ralph Modica falling in love in 1973Ralph and I were high school sweethearts. We met in Public Speaking class. At that time in our pre-evangelized lives, it was impossible to even imagine that someday we’d put that learning to good use by teaching evangelization schools, preaching in parish missions, and directing retreats. And, of course, sharing the Catholic Faith globally through something called the internet was completely unthinkable. Hey, back then I couldn’t even picture myself as a Catholic.

But God imagined it! He began preparing us for Good News Ministries more than 50 years before it began! The year: 1972. I was a Protestant and Ralph was a Catholic who rarely attended Mass.

Two months after we shyly worked up the courage to say hello to each other, we knew we were in love. I told him that I would only marry someone who shared my spiritual beliefs, so he joined me in my Presbyterian church services. I gave him a copy of an easy-to-read bible (paraphrased to read like a story), and then he fell in love with Jesus, too.

We married on November 28, 1975, in my church. Less than two years later, the Lord led us to the Catholic Church. My conversion story is on the GNM website at gnm.org/about-us/who-is-terry-modica. We’ve been serving the Lord side by side ever since. He’s been as essential to this ministry during the past 28 years as I’ve been.

Marian Shrine in the Good News Ministries office

This week’s recommended faith-builder:
The story of Good News Ministries reveals God’s amazing way

The year 1993 was a real bummer for Ralph. The company he worked for downsized from 14,000 employees to 2,000. Each day, he wondered if he would still have a job tomorrow. And it felt like God didn’t care.

I convinced him to go with me and our two children and a few friends to a Catholic Charismatic Renewal weekend conference. The theme of the conference happened to be “Do Whatever He Tells You” from the story of the wedding at Cana (John 2:1-11). Little did we realize that the Blessed Mother was directing us just as she had with the wine stewards. Through the speakers at the conference, Mary challenged us to do whatever Jesus asked, which would soon mean following her Son to Florida so they could start Good News Ministries of Tampa Bay.

For the rest of the story, visit gnm.org/about-us/about-history.

And check this out! Listen to me share the story on my diocese’s radio station. Visit gnm.org/about-us.

Good News Media Libraray

This week’s new video:
Two stories of healing from father wounds

Recently I was interviewed by Melanie Herschorn for her podcast show “AUTHORity Marketing Live!” In this 9-minute excerpt, I share two stories from my life that healed me from father wounds and helped me reach my full potential as a treasured daughter of the Most High Father God.

Can you imagine it? My husband Ralph needed to teach me how to hug! Find out how this affected my perception of God. And let me tell you what bowling taught me about God’s Fatherhood.

Watch the 9-minute video @ gnm-media.org/two-stories-of-healing-from-father-wounds.

Or watch the full 19-minute interview, which includes a peek at what my next book might be. Go to 30daystothefathersheart.com/videos/stories-of-why-i-wrote-this-book.

To get a copy of my book “30 Days to the Father’s Heart”, visit 30daystothefathersheart.com

Trivia QuestionAnswer to this week’s Trivia Challenge:
In the earliest days of the Church, who took Judas Iscariot’s place as one of the 12 founding apostles? Matthias (short for the name Mattathias, which means “gift of Yahweh”). He was one of about 120 disciples who gathered in Jerusalem for fellowship and prayer after the Ascension of Jesus. Expecting that Jesus would send them the promised Holy Spirit for the continuation of his mission, Peter proposed that someone be chosen to return their number to twelve.

God bless you!

Every morning, I lift up in prayer everyone who helps Good News Ministries in any way (donors, volunteers, prayer supporters, etc.) and all the prayer requests posted on our site. What can I cover in prayer for you? Post your prayer request.

How else can the team and I serve you today? Visit our homepage.

Let’s connect in GNM’s own SmartCatholics community, called Good News Faith Builders. I’m available to interact with you there.

Thank you for reading this newsletter.

Terry ModicaYour servant in Christ,
Terry Modica, Executive Director
Good News Ministries

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