Tips for getting the most out of our video courses & webinars

1. Screen Size

When you begin watching the video, if you want a larger size, go to the lower right corner, where you can make it completely fill your screen (pink arrow in the image below).

How to see the video on full screen

2. Volume

Adjust the volume on your device and/or in the controls at the bottom of the video.

3. Closed Captioning, Spanish Subtitles, and Font Size

We have begun to add CC for the hearing-impaired and Spanish subtitles to our videos, but we are in need of more volunteers who are comfortable working in YouTube (we train our helpers) to help get this finished on all Paracletia videos. After you start the video, if you see the CC symbol in the status bar of the video, it’s available.

How to see closed-captioning and Spanish subtitles

  1. Click the CC button to turn on Closed Captioning in English.
  2. To switch to Spanish, click the gear symbol located to the right of that. When that opens…
  3. click on “Subtitles/CC” to control the language. From there…
  4. click on “Options” to control what the font looks like.
    font options

4. If you miss any sessions of a live video course

All the videos will remain on our website. You can easily catch up at your convenience.

5. Answering class discussion questions

During a live class, you are invited to respond to the class discussion question or to ask a question. Simply reply to the emails you receive from this eclass mailing list. The instructor will be the only person who sees what you send. The instructor might continue the discussion with the whole class, or, if the matter is pertinent only to you, will respond to you privately, especially if you request it. Always, confidentiality will be maintained so that you may feel free to speak openly and honestly; know that you are safe here.

6. Your questions during live courses

We want everyone to feel well served by our live courses. However, the videos are very short – from 3 to 6 minutes long – making it easy to for you to find time to watch – and the spiritual journey is a life-long process. Many questions and doubts might feel incompletely answered by the course. Some issues make the best progress by going to a priest or spiritual director or counselor face to face, local to where you live.

7. Unsubscribing

If you want to drop out of a course before it’s finished, simply unsubscribe using the link at the bottom of every eclass message.

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