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Prayers – Intimate Conversation with Jesus (3)

An Intimate Conversation (3)

Intimate Conversation - Jesus prays for youTell Me about your plans.

What goals have you set? What goals would you like to set? What would you like to do with your time? Tell Me about your job, your hobbies, your leisure activities, your visits with family and friends. How would you like Me to help you? I died for you; certainly I will help you in all other ways, too.

With what special graces do you want Me to favor you? About which situations would you like Me to give you insights? Which gifts of My Spirit do you need to live a more successful Christian life? Ask Me for these, because I long to share them with you — and to share them abundantly.

Tell Me which problems you want Me to help you resolve, which ones you want Me to help you get through as you wait for the resolution. Ask Me to help you increase your trust in our Father’s plans for these problems. He loves you, I love you, My Holy Spirit loves you, and we, as One, desire what’s best for you.

Your tears have touched Me. Tell Me what makes you cry. Lean into My shoulder and let your tears flow. I will absorb your pain, and your tears will become as drops in the ocean. Tell Me how much you need Me to relieve your pain. I already bore your pain on My cross; let Me heal you now.

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