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Prayers – Intimate Conversation with Jesus (5)

An Intimate Conversation (5)

Intimate Conversation - Station IVFinally, My precious friend, I long to hear your promises.

Do you desire to overcome the sins in your life? Are you willing to surrender your love of worldly treasures in order to put all of your focus on Me? Do you promise to put aside the television shows, the books, the magazines, the videos, and the music that contain ideas and images that are not pure, not holy, not lovely, not loving, not beneficial to your relationship with Me? Are you willing to withdraw from friendships that consistently pull you down or damage you spiritually? And are you willing to reconcile with people to whom our Father once joined you but from whom you’ve been divided?

I will take your promises, secure them with My Love, and intercede to our Father for the graces you need to fulfill them. My Spirit will empower you, and together—always together—we will watch your life become transformed. You are becoming a gift for the kingdom of heaven, more beautiful than you already are!

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