Miracles from the Rosary of Liberation

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During Lent in 2018, we hosted an email prayer community of people who choose to make sacrifices of prayer for loved ones who are away from the Church or away from Jesus completely. We used the Rosary of Liberation, which can be found on our website at gnm.org/prayers/rosary-of-liberation/, and miracles happened! I’d like to share them with you.

The reason I had chosen this particular prayer is because of my own experiences with it. When I began praying the Rosary of Liberation (a few weeks before Lent), I noticed that changes began to happen in the hearts and souls of those being covered by this prayer, but the changes became evident a few days after the prayer, not immediately. In one case, I prayed for an elderly man who has spent his adult life in rebellion. A few days later, the spirit of rebellion was gone (and it still is!), replaced by a new humility. In another case, I prayed for someone who has long been underestimating his importance in serving the mission of Christ and has therefore done very little. A few days later, an unexpected opportunity to serve opened up and he responded to it quickly and enthusiastically, and his new ministry is growing wonderfully.

Easter victoryOne more testimony involves myself. On the flight home from a conference in February, I began praying the Rosary of Liberation for healing from rheumatoid arthritis. In the middle of it, the Lord interrupted me. He drew my attention to all of my fellow passengers. He asked me if my little arthritis pain was more important than the tremendous sufferings of the souls who do not know him. He opened my eyes and my heart; I could feel much anguish in their souls. I could feel a little of God’s super-tremendous anguish and longing for them. He made me aware of major sins being committed by them, and so I repented of my selfishness and began to pray for their freedom as the Holy Spirit put into my mind their various sins.

I probably won’t ever know until I get to heaven what difference I made praying the Rosary of Liberation for these people, but I do know — very clearly — the change that came over me. Jesus had mercy on me, healed me of a selfish heart, saved me from apathy toward the other passengers, and set me free to care more about others.

Now, here are the stories of others who prayed the Rosary of Liberation during Lent:

Rose shared a miracle unfolding at her house. She first wrote to me on March 14th to say: “My husband had fallen out with our priest and was not going to Mass; he has been to the Methodist church with his mother but finds it is not satisfactory, as he misses receiving communion. Last week he got up early and set off for Mass at a Catholic church near his mother’s. But then he retracted.”

I advised her to pray the Rosary of Liberation for him this way (“George” is not his real name):

Jesus, have mercy on George.
Jesus, heal George from hurts caused by our priest.
Jesus, save George.
Jesus, free George from everything that’s holding him back from returning to the Catholic Mass.

Near the end of Lent, I received this good news from her: “My husband came to Mass with me this morning. Furthermore, my son contacted me wanting to know his confirmation name and he is also showing great compassion for a sick relative. He has been in a very dark place in recent years, so this to me is a sign of God at work.”


Kay wrote: Praying for my ex-husband, a cradle Catholic who left the Church when he left me 30 years ago, has always been hard. This Lent has given me the challenge and opportunity to pray for him and his return to the Church. It has been a painful journey so far, but it has opened my eyes to my true feelings of resentment and anger and is daily reminding me of God’s goodness and grace to all of us. Praise Jesus and thanks for the guidance and strength that is always there for us.


Natalina wrote: “On Sunday the 11th of February after the Sunday Mass, I learned that Zeinab Aniboi, one of the mothers in the church was admitted in the hospital with a heart problem. I started to pray for her. She was transferred to Sudan, then Egypt, without any improvement in her condition, so she decided to return to her motherland, South Sudan, to die. On Ash Wednesday, I visited her in the hospital. Her condition was very bad; both of her legs were swelling.

I touched her, holding her fingers, to pray with her. Her eyes were closed, but she said, “Amen.” When I finished my prayer, she opened her eyes and said she wanted to sit! Then she was helped to sit. I asked the relatives who were with her about her condition. They said that for the past three days there had been improvement in her health. Even the swelling of the legs had gone down. Her improvement had started on the Sunday when I started to pray for her!

I continued praying for her. I put her name on the list for my daily prayer of Lenten. After Mass son the second Sunday of Lent, I went to the hospital to visit her. She is not there! The doctors told me that she had gone home; her health is better. Thanking God, I then called one of her relatives. He confirmed that Zeinab Aniboi was at home and that her condition was much improved. This is what God has done through me during these two weeks of Lent.”


Michael wrote: At first I was praying this for several people and then I felt inspired to pray for just one — our 34 year-old daughter who has made so many bad choices and even recently spent time in jail. Even when she came out, there seemed to be no change. We have completely quit “helping” her because it was NOT helping her at all to grow up and be responsible. Yesterday, she told me she had two house cleaning jobs and a training for a job. (It’s a bar job and I’m concerned about that but we’ll see). I have not been the most consistent praying this rosary but I have prayed sincerely and I know Jesus is shaping her. This is the most positive thing she has done in years to help herself. I am so hopeful. Thank you for teaching us this rosary. I will keep praying and telling others about it. God bless. 


Brenda wrote: “I am praying the Rosary of Liberation for five people. One of these souls is my friend’s brother. He is 40 years old, and most of his life he has been on drugs. Last week, he told his sister and brother-in-law that he wants to make a Men’s Acts Retreat, explaining that he wants what the men in our church parish have. I believe his eyes are slowly opening and seeing things in a new light. Thanks be to God!”


Carmen wrote: “My daughter got a job in a new place in town, but it was not her first choice. The hours being scheduled for her were in excess of what she signed up for. The shifts were long. I had already prayed the Rosary of Liberation for her. A few days after being hired, she got a call from the place she really wanted. I prayed for her the Rosary of Liberation a second time for the job offer on the second place. She went to interview and was told that it could be two weeks before she knew the outcome of the interview. Thanks be to God, she was called the day after the interview and was offered the job! What a relief! Entrust all causes to God and believe, that no matter what we see, that when the Son frees you, you are free indeed!”


Roseblen wrote: “I started praying the Rosary of Liberation at the start of Lent for several people. Then, I decided to pray for one of my daughters only. She left home and she is not a practicing Catholic. She has a medical condition; the circulation to her legs is poor and causes it to discolour with black spots. She also has some addictions. Last Tuesday, she told us that she quit smoking and drinking and that she’s looking for a job! I know that God will heal my daughter’s body and spirit. I will keep praying the Rosary of Liberation for her even after Lent. Praise be to God.  It’s true, if Jesus sets my daughter free, she’s free indeed.”


Joy wrote: “My husband has been having a problem of drinking for the last several years, since his early teens, and I have tried so hard to help him let go of the bad habit. I have been saying the Rosary of Liberation since the first day of Lent, and after two weeks of saying it, I have noticed a change. He has not touched alcohol. Thank you for this wonderful prayer. May God bless GNM a hundredfold!”


Jeannie wrote: “I have prayed the Lenten Prayers since the beginning of Lent for 7 people. I have heard that one of those I’ve been praying for has begun going to Mass after at least a 20-year absence (except for weddings) and has begun praying the Rosary (absolutely astounding!).

The other person I’ve been praying for is moving forward in an amazing way with job opportunities that we could not have imagined or come up with on our own.  We can see the master plan for his life and the way God has been preparing him for the opportunities he now has today.  It’s been a long, difficult road but he even admits it’s not coincidence.  He has even begun going to church with his family (Methodist), and I’m still praying he will come back to the Sacraments, but I’m so thankful he’s going to church and honoring Jesus, for these are good, Christian people.

I will continue praying these powerful prayers.  Thank you for your ministry!”

© 2018, edited by Terry A. Modica

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May 5, 2024 10:55 pm

Have you ever prayed the ” Rosary of reparation ” ? Have you ever heard of it ?

December 9, 2023 12:47 pm

I prayed for my son and everything i prayed for came true. within days I am a firm believer!

August 15, 2023 5:30 pm

How does one say the novena of rosary of liberation