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Jesus carries his cross
by Nadya Melina David from the Philippines
Art Medium: Rubbercut Print

Station 2

My Lord Jesus, I am carrying a cross, a heavy burden, and it distresses me. Help me to become aware that You are at my side, holding the larger portion of my cross. Amen.

The artist’s story: When I volunteered to participate in this project, almost immediately I thought of doing a rubbercut print, which involves carving the image on the rubber block. There is something about the process of cutting into the rubber and removing parts of the surface to reveal an image that I associate with wounds, pain, and suffering, and after the rubber has endured all of that comes beauty and passion. The second station where Jesus begins his passion is for me the beginning of his love letter for all of us. I chose the imagery of Christ tied on the cross beam instead of the classical imagery of him holding the cross, because I wanted to show how the ropes cut into his flesh and how much he suffered. If we can look beyond this physical suffering and see it as Christ’s unconditional love for all of us, then our own crosses in life would not be as heavy and painful. Try to imagine that Jesus is always carrying the other side of our crosses.

“So instead of searching a way out of the fires you’re enduring now, search for the presence of Jesus within those fires. Embrace him. Stand firm with him. Give him your trust” (quoting from a Good News Reflection by Terry Modica).

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