Father, First Person of the Most Holy Trinity,
      Thank you for creating me to be your beloved child.
Father of the only-begotten Son,
      Thank you for loving me so much that you sent your Son to die for me.
Father who, with the Son, sends me love in the Person of the Holy Spirit,
      Thank you for sending me an Advocate who comes to my defense.
Our Father in Heaven,
      Be my eternal Father.
Father, infinite majesty,
      Thank you for caring about me with all your might.
Father, infinite holiness,
      Thank you for being my Perfect Father.
Father, infinite goodness,
      Thank you for not abandoning me when I am struck by evil.
Father, infinite happiness,
      Thank you for sharing your joy with me.
Father, all-powerful,
      Thank you for wanting to take good care of me.
Father, all-knowing,
      Thank you for doing what’s best for me.
Father, present everywhere,
      Thank you for being with me in all my trials and all my victories.
Father, all-just,
      Thank you for appreciating me for who I truly am when others misjudge me.
Father, all merciful,
      Thank you for forgiving me when I repent of my sins.
Father of love,
      Thank you for cherishing me.
Father of beauty,
      Thank you for making me in your image.
Father of wisdom,
      Thank you for directing me through your Holy Spirit.
Father, Divine Providence,
      Thank you for watching over me.
You are my Good Father in joy and in sorrow.
You are my Good Father in sickness and in health.
You are my Good Father in prosperity and in adversity.
You are my Good Father in life and in death.
You are my Good Father for all of eternity.
Thank You! Amen.

© 2020 by Terry A. Modica

Do you know how deeply God the Father cherishes you? Can you feel him doting on you? We’ve all had human fathers whose imperfections tainted our image of God the Father. Listen to the FOOTSTEPS TO HEAVEN podcast episode that unpacks the Litany of the Father’s Heart. Terry Modica shares the story of how she met the Father after growing up without him. Then she will lead you into a closer relationship with him through this prayer.

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The Litany of the Father’s Heart

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