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11 inspiring reflections beautifully illustrated (26 pages).
All photos in this book are original art by Terry Modica from her vacation in the Appalachian Mountains in the Daniel Boone National Forrest, Red River Gorge area, Kentucky.

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Excerpt from “Mountaintop Experiences”:

On the morning of the first day of my vacation in the mountains of Kentucky, as I prayed for God to be in charge of the day’s happenings, He asked me, “Why are you here?”
     My answer: “To have a mountaintop experience with You, Lord.”
     Vacations aren’t meant to be merely time away from the routines and challenges and stresses of normal life. They are breaks  from the routines and challenges and stresses of normal life so that we can hear God speak to us words and guidance and inspirations that we’re normally too busy to notice — so that we can heal or make new discoveries or see a better solution to a problem back at home or realize the calling to a new commitment that’s been long overdue.
     During my mountaintop break, Jesus revealed His purpose – His answer to the question, “Why are you here?” He revealed it through the experiences of the fun Ralph and I had exploring a landscape that’s very different from Florida where we live. He revealed it through the adventure we had flying between mountaintop trees on ziplines. He revealed it through the wonder of nature as we hiked various trails, and He revealed it through the strenuous hike that was longer than expected and which never did take us to our destination because our knees couldn’t handle the final, sharp descent.
     The photos and reflections in this book come from the lessons we learned.

About the Author:

Terry Modica converted to Catholicism in 1977, drawn by the Eucharist. At that time, she began to study official Church teachings in order to understand and dig deep into her new faith. Always involved in her parishes, she gained a reputation for inspirational teaching and spiritual leadership in Adult Religious Education, prayer groups, Parish Council, and as diocesan staff writer. She has a degree in Theology, and has been certified by the Diocese of Trenton, NJ, for Pastoral Administration, and is a certified graduate of the Lay Pastoral Ministry Institute of the Diocese of St. Petersburg, Florida.

She is co-founder and Executive Director of Good New Ministries, the author of the popular daily Good News Reflections and has been teaching courses and seminars on the Catholic Catechism and Church documents since 1994.



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