A complete guide for victory over the devil’s deceptions

Overcoming the Power of the Occult

Here is a complete study of the spiritual warfare needed to combat the evils of our day. Includes how to recognize signs of occult involvement, how to pray, and more than 180 Scripture references to back it up.

This book is different than others on the topic because it emphasizes and leads readers to the greater power and love of Jesus Christ. It’s a book of victory.

Download a free copy of Chapter 12 below: Living in the Fullness of God’s Power.

About the Author:

Terry Modica lived in the power of the occult for seven years as a teenager and young adult. Then, when she recommitted her life to Jesus Christ, she learned the truth about the occult and began studying the greater supernatural power of the Holy Spirit.

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“Overcoming the Power of the Occult”

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VATICAN CITY – The International Conference on New Age, held in Rome June 14-16, 2004 and convoked by the Pope, emphasized the need for a more comprehensive understanding of New Age in order to offer more appropriate Christian answers.

Terry Modica’s book answers that need!

Testimonies by readers whose lives were changed by this book:

Dear Terry,
     Thank you for Overcoming the Power of the Occult. I have read it and found it very edifying. Also, as I read Chapter 7 [“Witchcraft: the Power of Magic”], I realized I am a victor. I felt like I was standing on a great stone block labeled “VICTORY” – literally! The book has given me much more confidence as a Christian; now truly I am more than a conqueror!
     The thing I liked most about the book was the fact that VICTORY is all through it. Other books and tapes on this subject leave the reader or listener feeling defeated. They make it sound as if witches, New Agers, etc. are all out there, waiting to get us, and there’s nothing we can do about it. But you and I know that is a lie! I plan to inform as many people as possible about your book.
Just ordered this book again for a co-worker of mine who said her child has an interest in the occult. I remember as a youth I dabbled with the occult and would get in arguments with my mom that “white” magic was OK etc. During that time, I was paging through a religious catalog and noticed this book for sale in it which the cover and title jumped out at me! I wondered what an occult book was doing in a religious catalog. Then i read the synopsis about it and ordered the book. By the time I got to page 30, I realized my errors and was convinced that the occult is of the devil and nothing to toy with. To this day, I still got the old book on my bookshelf some 35 yrs later. I don’t want to think about what may have become, if I didn’t come across this book. (Tim)
This is a powerful must-read if you or someone you know has ever dabbled in the occult. This book covers such a range of things from seemingly harmless horoscopes to horror movies to the use of ouija boards and its consequences. Especially if you are a person of any kind of faith and belief in God, there are things this books talks from about a spiritual perspective that will be very spiritually edifying and advice and experience that is hard to find somewhere else, except through your Christian church and, even then, through persons with experience – about the battle between good and evil and principalities beyond our immediate reality. It also talks about ways to heal and recover after dabbles in the occult. This book was recommended to me by a trusted priest, and I highly recommend it to others! (Hope)
This is an amazing book! I learned so much from it and am passing it around. I feel that everyone should read this. The information is priceless. Our society is forgetting the evils in the world and glamorizing them. People both young and old have no idea what is truely right and wrong for our souls. Countless doorways to evil are opened through dabbling in the occult. Occult activity is only on the rise, especially amongst the youth. It is extremely important to spread the message that evil is all around. The devil’s greatest lie is that he does not exist. Prayer, fasting, & the Eucharist are our main weapons in this great battle. However, this book is a wonderful addition to that fight. I encourage everyone to read it and pray that all who do will see the light of the Lord. (Angie)

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Living in the Fullness of God’s Power
Chapter 12 of “Overcoming the Power of the Occult”

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March 11, 2021 1:03 pm

Thanks sadly this has been my experience and I have also written about it all to which members of my family have drawn me in as a 14-year-old. Devastating practices very scary and led to my breakdown and depression a few years later. Now I have lived and told the tail of it all I am not the tail but the Head and no weapon formed against me from anyone will prosper the yoke of money attached to such evil practices and ceremony destroys families and health. Yes, I am free never was my issue but the sickness of deception destroys family .especially when others don’t learn from the godly side how life should go God vindicates me from all to his marvelous light. Darkness to Light by True Inspirations shares my story. Not afraid to reveal or testify as satan no longer will have me in the yoke of the evil one.