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Thankful Joy

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Thankful Joy Campaign

Share your Good News:
Give thanks!

In the US, we celebrate Thanksgiving on Thursday November 26 this year (2020). But no matter where we live, we have much to thank God for, and in these stressful times of the pandemic and closed churches and anti-Catholic attacks against faith and morals, praising God has become more important than ever. Praising God and rejoicing in his goodness puts an attractive joy in our hearts that lifts us up while also drawing others to faith. And so, will you share your Good News? What’s your story?

Let’s make a big success of our
Thankful Joy Campaign!

Tell your story below.
Why are you grateful to Jesus for
introducing you to Good News Ministries?

Woman thanking GNM

Ideas on what to say:

  1. How has God worked in your life through Good News Ministries?
  2. When did you first discover Good News Ministries?
  3. How long ago was that?
  4. And please mention where you live (what state/province and country) so that everyone sees how far our global reach is going.

We also need your help with a gift of thanksgiving now. Help more people discover what you have found in Good News Ministries. Donate today.

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Sally Marta
Sally Marta
November 21, 2020 11:39 am

EVERY day we thank God for each other, our food he provides, and our happiness. God supplies our happiness (not people) and our peacefulness in these hard times. He puts everything in perspective for us. We are thankful for our families who call and visit us by phone. Keeps us informed. I’ve been with GNM for around 10+ years? Print off reflections for the homebound and Assisted Living and Nursing home in our area. We service 6 facilities in our town. Also, we were taking communion but now I send (mail) reflections out. It’s the least we can do. We are both 87 years old now and we are so happy to be able to serve our Lord still in our small way. We are SOooooooooo thankful for GNM.

Sofia Roland
Sofia Roland
November 19, 2020 9:00 am

I am thankful for the hope God instills in me everyday. Hope for a better future, for a peaceful country, hope for our hardened hearts to soften,
I am thankful for His love, knowing that whatever heartache, physical , mental and spiritual pain I go through, knowing that His love for me is greater , helps me better cope with what seems like lost causes.
I am thankful for my prayers always being heard and answered in my most desperate times of my life. When I felt most alone, You have shown me that You are with me, in ways that a Father shows His broken child, with enlightenment, love and understanding and forgiveness.

I am just thankful for You.

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