How to Pray in the
Power of the Holy Spirit

A Video Course with Discussion Questions
and Personal Spiritual Coaching by Terry Modica

How to Pray in the Power of the Holy SpiritCourse Description

Here is an opportunity to get your questions about prayer answered in the safe, shared environment of our online classroom. The 4-week interactive course, which begins on Monday January 30th, will be presented through 3 short videos each week, discussion questions, and email correspondence with the instructor, Terry Modica.

February 18 is the 50th anniversary of the modern-day beginnings of the renewal of what the first Christians experienced as normal life fully empowered by the Holy Spirit. God wants us to live that way today. Why settle for a mediocre faith? Miracles are not meant to be elusive.

Watch this introductory, 4-minute video:

This video course is not for everybody. It’s designed for those who have a real desire to grow stronger in faith and make a bigger difference in the world as a result of this growth.

“I absolutely LOVED your first two courses on the Holy Spirit and was truly renewed, healed and invigorated. I have watched the videos at least 5 times again!” (LeeAnn K.)

This course is not just videos. GNM’s Paracletia courses are designed around one key principle: The best learning doesn’t come from a mere lecture. It comes from engagement. It comes from your own life situations.

It comes from addressing what matters to you. Throughout the 4 weeks of the course, you may ask questions and receive personalized spiritual coaching. Terry will respond to you privately by email, and/or by posting your questions and comments anonymously in the course — always protecting your privacy; it’s a completely safe environment.

Three short videos (each only 5 to 6 minutes long) will be published Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of each week, to be viewed on your own schedule. You’ll be notified by email whenever a new session begins.

This course is 4 weeks. “What if I can’t keep up?”

No worries! You can finish the course at your own pace. After the interactive nature of the course ends, the course will remain permanently available on our website.

While you’re waiting for this course to begin …..

Consider inviting a few friends over once a week to discuss the class questions as a faith-sharing group. Tell your Director of Religious Education about this course and suggest that the parish host a discussion group. Do you belong to a prayer community? Organize a group to take this course together. Everyone you invite gets free tuition!

When does it start? What does it cost?

When: Monday January 30 through Friday February 24 (2017). Afterward, it will become available to the public as an archived course.

Tuition: Due to the interactive nature of this course, we request a donation of $25 per person or per group when registering under one email address…. BUT we won’t turn anyone away who pays less or even nothing. All are welcome! If you cannot make a donation to support this course, make a gift of prayer instead: Pray throughout the course for Terry Modica the instructor, and for all the participants. Otherwise, if you are one of those who can give more than the recommended tuition, please consider covering someone else’s cost.

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