Prayers – Cardinal Newman – Fragrance

Jesus, be the Light that others see
when they look at me.

Jesus, help me to spread your fragrance wherever I am.

 Jesus, help me to spread your fragrance wherever I am.

Fill my heart with your Spirit and your life.

Penetrate my being and take such hold of me
that my life becomes a radiation of your own life.

Give your light through me and remain in me in such a way
that every soul I come in contact with can feel your presence in me.

May people not see me, but see you in me.

Remain in me,
so that I shine with your light,
and may others be illuminated by my light.

All light will come from you, Oh Jesus.
Not even the smallest ray of light will be mine.
You will illuminate others through me.

Place on my lips your greatest praise,
illuminating others around me.

May I preach you with actions more than with words,
with the example of my actions,
with the visible light of the love that comes from you to my heart.

(written by Cardinal John Henry Newman)


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