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In the US, we celebrate Thanksgiving on Thursday November 22 this year (2018). But no matter where we live, we have much to thank God for, and in these dark times of unChristian and anti-Catholic attacks against faith and morals, praising God has become more important than ever. Praising God and rejoicing in his goodness puts an attractive joy in our hearts that lifts us up while also drawing others to faith.

So, let’s make a big success of our Thankful Joy Campaign!

Tell your story in the comments below.
Why are you grateful to Jesus for introducing you to Good News Ministries?

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30 thoughts on “Thankful Joy

  1. Teresa Leong

    I, like many others, thank God for enabling GNM to be set up and ensuring its continuity in their work in enlightening and inspiring us all in our journey to His Kingdom. We thank your team in spending endless hours in preparing the daily reflections, saints’ quotes and the vast source of materials accessible to us with just a click of a finger. May God continue to bless and guide you and your team in all your undertakings in the year ahead and all the years to come.

    Thank you Terry and your team


  2. Mary Beth

    I am so thankful for this beautiful daily reflection as it to was shared to me from my lifelong catholic school friend. What a beautiful gift as our Good Lord knew I would realy need it. I have been reading this for many years and still look forward to the Inspirational message. I too have shared with many who have faced challenges and did not know where to look for answers. I have one of the messages about death that I print out and send with sympathy cards. Thank you Terry and Ralph as you have touched so many and the ones your messages have touched others.


  3. Mariastella

    I thank God for each day Blessing i receive .Also i give Glory and thanks to Jesus in the Holy Eucharist and the Saints trying to follow their example.Please keep up your good work.God Bless you all.


  4. Annunciencia

    Terry & Ralph , much appreciate & with great thanks ,
    Our Parish Priest then had made it possible , insights from a small group then to connect us and value the goodness you bring for our small community –
    Thank You .
    With Blessings & All Best ,
    God Bless !


  5. Manju Pereira

    I thank and praise God for the inspiring quote I receive daily from Daily Blessing. All too often the quote of the saint has encouraged me, convicted me or inspired me in no small measure and I have been able to pass it on to my family members too when they have needed it.A very big Thank you to GNM for the excellent spadework done in going into the lives & quotes of saints one has not heard of and sharing their rich spiritual message.


  6. Bobby's pen

    From one writer to another, I love your style! What I mean by that, too often Catholic pencil pushers use their hierarchy of intelligence, throwing out four syllable words, forcing the reader to open a dictionary, promoting self and not Jesus Christ and Him crucified. Other astute writers will quote from everything they have read and springboard into a verse or two from the Bible. What I like about GNM, you present the truth in a simple and non-compromising format that anyone can understand. Jesus taught on the level of the people who were listening. I like the acronym KISS which stands for Keep it Spiritually Sound. Thank you for this ministry that motivates, inspires, enabling the disciples of Christ to continually grow and transform their lives in holiness. Bottom line, we will reach out to others. Evangelism doesn’t begin with the “E”, it begins with “U” and me.


  7. Miriam Batucan

    Life presents us with so many challenges. Reading the scriptures and reflections in Good News Ministries has given me insights and guidance on how to deal with them.
    I thank God for using Terry Mordica and her team at Good News Ministries for helping us see the power of God in our life.
    More power to you Terry and your family for continuously looking for ways to grab our attention on things that matter most in our lifetime here on earth and looking forward to the great reward in heaven.

    God bless you even more.


  8. Ann Abel

    Thank you so much GNM team, I always wanted to hear The Lord speak to me and now each time I receive Steps with God and other post from you, He always has a message for me. I try not to let a day go by without Praising and giving Thanks to God. And from this day I pray that I will give Him thanks for each one of you at the GNM team, I am ever so grateful for all your messages and hard work Bless you all


  9. Louise

    I am grateful I was introduced to GNM when I attended a conference this summer! The daily reflections always challenge me and I love all the information and opportunities to grow my faith! I share the reflections with family and friends on a regular basis! Praise God for this ministry!!


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