Thankful Joy Campaign

Share your Good News: Give thanks!

In the US, we celebrate Thanksgiving on Thursday November 24th this year (2016). But no matter where we live, we have much to thank God for, and in these dark times of unChristian and anti-Catholic attacks against faith and morals, praising God has become more important than ever. Praising God and rejoicing in his goodness puts an attractive joy in our hearts that lifts us up while also drawing others to faith.

So, let’s make a big success of our Thankful Joy Campaign! Capture in a photo what you’re grateful for. If you’re on FacebookFacebook or TwitterTwitter, post it there (or contact us to post it for you) with the hashtag #ILoveGoodNewsMinistries followed by @www.gnm.org (simply include this in the text of your post) and write what you’re thankful for.

For example:

I’m thankful that God gave Ralph to me in marriage 41 years ago!
#ILoveGoodNewsMinistries @www.gnm.org

You can also post this on Instagram, Pinterest, or anywhere that you like, but be sure to let us know so we can find it! By including #ILoveGoodNewsMinistries @www.gnm.org, they will be posted on this page: See the fun activity already happening below!

Be an evangelizer! Some of the people who see your posts on the social network sites will even click through to discover gnm.org for the first time.

Do you have a cell phone with a camera? Snap anything that you can give thanks to God for! He’ll appreciate it, you know. No phone camera? Ask someone who has one to take a selfie with you, then thank God for your friendship (asking will evangelize and spread the joy of the Lord, wink, wink)!

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