August 7 – Saint Cajetan

Saint Cajetan

O Humble Jesus, Saint Cajetan formed a society devoted to helping the sick and the poor.  Although his wealthy relatives criticized him for it, he deliberately sought out the needy and chose to care for the people who had the most disgusting diseases.  I ask him to intercede for people who rely on worldly riches, especially those in my family and church.  O God, heal their poverty of spirit and help them to discover spiritual treasures that surpass all worldly goods.  Instill in their hearts a spirit of generosity, drive out greed, and set them free from materialism so they may experience unity with You.  Saint Cajetan, pray for us.  Amen.

QUOTE by Saint Cajetan

Even if all the saints and every single creature should abandon you, Jesus will always be near you, whatever your need.

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