October 1 – Saint Theresa of Lisieux

Saint Theresa of Lisieux

Loving God, Saint Theresa of Lisieux described her path to holiness as a journey of every-increasing intimacy with You through prayer.  She said, “For me, prayer is a surge of the heart … a cry of recognition and of love, embracing both trial and joy.”  I ask her to intercede for me as I struggle to overcome the fears that contradict Your love for me.  Whenever I go through difficulties with the feeling that You are ignoring me or that my problems will end in disaster, teach me to trust in You.  Let my prayer become one of joy in the midst of trials by awakening me to Your caring and awesome power.  Saint Theresa, pray for me.  Amen.

QUOTES by Saint Therese of Lisieux

To me He has given His Infinite Mercy, and it is in this resplendent mirror that I gaze upon all His other attributes. There all appear radiant with love; even justice, perhaps more than the others, seems to me clothed with love… >>

How little known is the Merciful love of Jesus. >>

O my God! Will your Justice alone find souls willing to immolate themselves as victims? Does Your Merciful Love need them too?’ How sweet is the way of Love! How I want to apply myself to doing the will of God always with the greatest self-surrender! >>

No one can make me frightened anymore, because I know what to believe about His mercy and His love; I know that in the twinkling of an eye all those thousands of sins would be consumed as a drop of water cast into a blazing fire. >>

How can I fear a God who is nothing but mercy and love? >>

Ah! The Lord is so good to me that it is quite impossible for me to fear Him. He has always given me what I desire or, rather, He has made me desire what He wants to give me. >>

Even if the fire of love seemed to have gone out, I would keep on throwing fuel in it and Jesus would take care to light it up again. >>

Holiness consists simply in doing God’s will, and being just what God wants us to be. >>

Our Lord does not come down from Heaven every day to lie in a golden ciborium. He comes to find another heaven which is infinitely dearer to Him–the heaven of our souls, created in His Image, the living temples of the Adorable Trinity. >>

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