September 26 – Saints Cosmas & Damian

Saints Cosmas and Damian

listenO My Jesus, Saints Cosmas and Damian (d.c. 303) were twins who became excellent doctors.  They refused payment for their medical care because they believed that when they treated patients, they were also caring for You.  By conveying great love, they won the hearts of their patients as they taught them about the Faith.  I ask them to pray for my special skills, that I use them for Your glory.  I also ask them to pray for all those in the medical field, that they grow in generosity of spirit.  Bring conversion to the unsaved and teach Christians to serve You through their professional lives.  Saints Cosmas and Damian, pray for us.  Amen.

Quotes for Today

Saint Marie V. Therese Couderc (1805-1885)
Feast day September 26

quoteGod always gives more than we ask.”

Saint Colman of Elo (555-611)
Feast day September 26

quoteFaith together with works, chastity together with humility, fasting together with moderation, poverty together with generosity, patience without resentment, work without grumbling, religion without hypocrisy — all these things are contained in holiness.”


The prayer above is from Terry Modica’s book Daily Prayers with the Saints.

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May 23, 2023 4:07 am

Heavenly Father, help me, You know my pain, You’ve always known what has happened because You see everything even in a most hidden corner. I come with a broken heart. God, if you deign, please God soften and touch Damianus’s heart for me.