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Paracletia – Turn Your Crosses into Resurrections – Session 4

How to Turn Your Crosses
into Resurrections

Archived Video Course with Spiritual Coaching

Session #4
How to Heal from the Pain of Being Scourged



Question for class discussion:

We all need for some hurt to heal. Imagine during prayer time with Jesus: What might be some of the good fruits that are going to come from what you’ve suffered. Your privacy will be protected; we won’t even use your initials for this one!

Question for personal coaching:

Is there anything more you’d like to know about the topic we’ve covered so far, which you’d like me to address further or privately?

Please reply to the eclass email to reach me with your answers.

One participant wrote:

I know that suffering is redemptive, but you gave me an added dimension: to unite with the suffering of Jesus. I would never have thought of that. Of course, that makes more sense. Suffering then has a meaning in it. In the midst of suffering, we can still find joy, because Jesus is helping us to bear the suffering as well.  Thanks again for bringing me to another level of understanding; my being is freer after this increase of knowledge.

Two couples are going through this course together on weekends. Here is what they wrote about it:

We felt that your testimony comforted and ministered to us on our own journey of scourging — being misunderstood and let down by close Christian friends. We felt ministered to as we shared this with each other during our discussion time.

Another participant said:

The good fruits that I pray will come from what I am enduring are a stronger faith and trust in God, knowing that my joy needs to rest in God alone and not in those around me or those with whom I am having difficulties. I am really enjoying the course.

Session #5 >>> 

How to turn our crosses into resurrections

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