Turn Your Crosses Into Resurrections (Course Description)

Turn Your Crosses into Resurrections

A free video course

Stained glass window of the Resurrected JesusTurn Your Crosses Into Resurrections: Course Description

Do you need healing from the sufferings you’ve endured? What crosses are you carrying? What burdens are weighing you down? Discover a new, deeper intimacy with Jesus. He wants to help you carry your crosses, making them easier to bear and even turning them into resurrections (new life).

In this video course, you will not only feel Jesus ministering to you. You will learn how to turn tragedies into triumphs, grief into joy, and the deaths of your hopes and dreams into resurrections.

“This video course helped me to more understand about God’s plan and love in my life…. There are lots of learning points which have equipped my soul to get through any trials with full confidence, as God’s love always be with me.” (R.I., past participant)

Workshops, recorded live on Zoom in 2021, are now included in this course. This 11-session course was originally an interactive event.


Jesus invites you to give him your crosses….

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