Paracletia – Turn Your Crosses Into Resurrections – Session 8

How to Turn Your Crosses
into Resurrections

An Interactive Video Course with Spiritual Coaching

Session #8

A Mystical Experience

Please reply to the eclass email to reach me with your questions and comments. The next video will specifically address some of the crosses that participants have told me about.

Question for reflection and discussion:

Have you ever a mystical prayer experience? How did it affect the trials and challenges you were facing at the time?

S.D. shared:

When I read scripture or hear homilies, I put myself into the story. I do it often, like looking around a pillar at Jesus speaking in the temple, etc. This may have prepared me to be open for a gift. At the Consecration one Sunday, I suddenly found myself looking in a window of a dusty room. Jesus and the apostles were gathered around a table with just bread and wine. And then I saw the first Consecration. My emotions overwhelmed me. Mass is so much different for me now.

Ria shared:

I had a mystical prayer experience a couple of years ago during a Novena of Sacred Heart of Jesus. The novena was in the form of Mass with Adoration to the Most Holy Sacrament as a preparation to the Feast of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Previously, I only knew Adoration as one devotion in the Catholic Church, especially after the Mass on Maundy Thursday, without knowing its deeper meaning.

In one of the sessions, the priest who led the Adoration led me to immerse in the prayer so deeply that I could even feel the real presence of the Lord in the Most Holy Sacrament, strongly. I’ve never felt that before. I felt that the Lord Himself was there, right in front of me, standing and looking at me lovingly, touching my shoulders and giving me encouragement. I couldn’t help but crying with a grateful heart, thanking Him for His kindness to me.

It was my first time recognizing that Jesus is indeed alive in the form of bread, which we often neglect. The Living God with unlimited power loves to humble Himself to stay in a small, thin wafer, because of His great love, just to be near with me, with us, His loving children.

Afterwards, my perception of the Most Holy Sacrament and Eucharist has totally changed, and I have a conscious love for His presence in the Sacrament and Eucharist. Celebrating weekly Mass on Sunday is no longer enough for me. I need to meet Him more often during weekday Masses.

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