The Joy of Love, Chapter 7 Part 2

The Joy of Love - Amoris laetitia

Pope Francis’ Apostolic Exhortation Amoris Laetitia


What good discipline accomplishes

Reflection Questions:

What does the word “discipline” mean to you? How does God discipline you? What can we learn from God the Father’s example in disciplining children?

Anna sent in this answer:

To me discipline means scolding, harsh, reproachful and a lot of times judgmental and unloving. God’s discipline in contrast is always loving, understanding, forgiving, encouraging. As a parent, disciplining children using His method is bound to work wonders. It seeks the good and the light in the child and speaks to it and nurtures it so it grows and overcomes the bad and dark. That is how I would describe it. Now if only we parents, teachers and all the people who have so much influence over children can always remember this and follow it when its most needed. But with God’s help, it can and will be done.


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