Session #2

Believe it: God cares!

There are many things that come between us and the power of the Holy Spirit. And they all boil down to this: We’re not totally convinced that God truly cares about us. Here’s why, and here’s a spiritual exercise for a breakthrough.

Deepen the impact of this message. In whatever ways your heart has been wounded, and for whatever reasons you have felt unloved, listen to and pray this song:

There are many things that come between us and the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Spirit’s power, and the Holy Spirit’s activity in our lives. There are many things that hold us back from all that God wants to give us and do in us and through us. And the most basic of it, the root of it from which everything else comes, everything else that prevents us from having the closest to the Holy Spirit and the fullness of the Holy Spirit that we’re called to have, it boils down to this: we are not totally convinced that God really, really cares about us. We are not deep down believing that what we want really matters to God. Because we’ve been projecting onto God what humans have been and done in our lives. Especially the authority figures in our lives starting with our parents.

Questions for discussion (please post a comment):
Thinking about the spiritual exercise in today’s session, how can it increase and sustain your prayer life? And how does meditating on “God delights in you!” reveal the Holy Spirit’s desire to be in communion with you in your prayers?

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