Paracletia – How to Hear the Holy Spirit – Course Description

How To Hear the Holy Spirit

An Archived Video Course
(Transcript Available)

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Let me tell you a story….

I’ve been a Catholic evangelizer and spiritual leader for more than forty years. This calling came directly from the Holy Spirit. But I have a confession to make. In the beginning, I didn’t even know the Holy Spirit.

As a teenager, I sought out the supernatural by exploring the occult. My conversion away from the supernatural world of the occult to the supernatural kingdom of God occurred in Charismatic prayer meetings after Ralph and I married. There, I discovered the supernatural event of bread and wine turning into the Body and Blood of Jesus during Mass. My plan, however, was to hold onto my occult beliefs and become Catholic, merging the two and teaching others how to do it.

How naive!

Paracletia - How to Hear the Holy Spirit - Course Description - Learn to hear the Holy Spirit betterThanks be to God, once the Holy Spirit got a hold of me, the Spirit purified my thinking. One by one, all of my occult beliefs were revealed as counterfeits of a far greater supernatural life in Christ.

But this was only how it all started. Although my thoughts were being influenced by the Holy Spirit, I still didn’t know how to hear the Holy Spirit.

I watched others in the prayer group mention that God told them this or that, and I wondered: How do they do that? How do they know it was God? Sure, the fruits of it proved they were on the right track, but they seemed to have an ability to dialogue with God and actually hear him — an ability I wanted and didn’t know how to get.

This question directed the rest of my life. Now, I’d like to share with you what I’ve learned along the way.

Many people tell me that the daily Good News Reflections I write are as if I had been sitting in their living room observing what they’re struggling with and then had put into an email exactly what they needed to know. We both know it’s not me but the Holy Spirit who does that. I’m merely living out my calling, which would be totally ineffective and inadequate if not for the Holy Spirit.

You, too, can become that sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s promptings. You’re just as special to God as I am. Wherever you are on your journey of faith, you can have more from your personal relationship with the Third Person of the Holy Trinity than what you’re currently experiencing. I’m still improving in my own ability to hear the Holy Spirit. There’s always more!

I promise you: If you open yourself to the truths I’ll be sharing in this course, your life will never be the same again. Come, let the Holy Spirit get a hold of you like never before.

May your spirit leap for joy as the Holy Spirit embraces you — because you actually feel it!
Terry Modica

P.S. The video on this page is one of the first videos I ever made for Good News Ministries (2010). Although its style and quality is not as professional as the videos I make today, it is by far the most popular one ever produced by Good News Ministries. Why? Because many people are like you — they want to know how to hear the Holy Spirit.

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Reviews by past participants:

“Since I took your classes, I feel this inner joy I have never felt before and an inner peace, and the more I learn and pray to the Holy Spirit, I just feel like smiling a lot. I have been talking to all my friends about this course I like the way you ask questions or have us think about something. It makes you dig deeper.” (C.J.)
“Glory be to God for leading me to participate in your edifying video course on the ‘How to hear the Holy Spirit’. It has created my awareness to knead the presence of the Holy Spirit into my daily life. It is just like the yeast used in bread dough, without it, it would not rise.” (C.T.)
“Thank you for this course. I have just completed the final session and I am taking it all over again! I am learning but still need to review the lessons to make sure I get everything I need to from them. They are incredible in the sense that I get an overwhelming sense of joy and wonder, not to mention relief when listening to your lectures. Your words sound and feel so right.” (A.B.)
“I have been re-energised by this course. I definitely want to keep doing these courses! Invaluable opportunities! It’s SO EASY to do! Bite-sized chunks of video done in our own time. Being able to read the thoughts of others was valuable and I felt quite connected with them.” (A.M.)
“Thank you so much for the video course ‘How to Hear the Holy Spirit’. I have found it very exciting and always looked forward to the next session. I am 84 years old and all I want is to learn more and more and more!!!!!” (J.T.)
“The sessions are marvelous and Spirit-filled.” (M.P.)
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