by GNM artists

Jesus falls a second time
by Jane Rullier
Art Medium: Painting

Station 7

To You, O Jesus, I offer up the times when I want to quit dealing with my own problems. Lord Jesus, be the strength and patience and endurance that I need to keep on walking through my pain and suffering. Amen.

The artist’s story: Jane is a young adult who came to Good News Ministries in the summer of 2011 to participate in our Vatican Echoes summer meetings. It was a time of coming alive in the faith, and she’s been zooming in her spiritual life ever since. This painting was part of that conversion experience. She says:

“The reason I chose this Station was because there was a time in my life when I felt alone and had a lot of pain and when the going got tough I would fall down again and again. How easy it would be to give up, but I didn’t. Just like me, as Jesus fell down a seond time, he kept going. He slowly rises, for he knows his walk is not yet done. Jesus never ran away from me. He was always there in my pain and sorrow and he ran after me. Because I never gave up on him and I turned and gave my life completely to him, he has now transformed my life and pain into joy. When I am faced with struggles now, I don’t stay on the ground weighed down by the weight of my sins; I look to Jesus and he gives me the grace to stand and move forward. I have grown so much in love for the Lord, I can do all things through Christ our Lord, it is he who gives me strength.”

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