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Good News Speaker Stipends

The following suggested donations for speaker stipends may be discounted for small budgets; contact us for a solution that fits your group’s needs. In some cases, we are able to do it at no cost by obtaining sponsorship from our own benefactors.

Keynote conference presentation: $1,000

Non-profit church groups
            Seminar or course:
             In Tampa Bay area: $150 for one hour, $100 each additional hour
             Elsewhere: $300 for one hour, $100 each additional hour

One-day Retreat (eg. 9am-3pm):
             $500 – $1,000

Week-end Retreat (eg., Fri evening through Sun afternoon):
             $1,000 – $2,000

Parish mission/retreat (3 to 5 evenings with daytime sessions and consultations):
             $1,000 – $2,000

Home-based weekend retreat:

+ Travel: Cost of transportation

+ Hospitality: Meals as needed + hotel. Hosting in the rectory, convent, or a parishioner’s home is a fine alternative, as long as it includes a good internet connection plus privacy for preparation and prayer.

Stipends are donations made to Good News Ministries. The presenter will make travel reservations and purchase tickets; host is asked to make hospitality arrangements and provide a staff member or parishioner to transport the speaker to and from the airport.

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