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Paracletia – How to Hear the Holy Spirit – Session 11 Discussion

How to Hear the Holy Spirit

An Interactive Video Course with Spiritual Coaching

Session #11

Your Guardian Angel’s Help

Question for class discussion:

Have you ever experienced the help of your guardian angel? How do you know it was truly an angel, not a demon nor just your imagination? Please share your testimony.

C.F. wrote:

Many times, when I am driving fast,  I have experienced the car slowing down — before my legs hit the brake pedal.  It feels like the pedal had been hit, it is down, and the car has slowed down many-a-times.  Due to this, I have been actually saved from a few accidents.  I always wondered what happened,  who or what helped me,  who or what was or is there? And I simply jumped to the conclusion, that this must be my Guardian Angel. I know for a fact that all of us have our very own Guardian Angel. I used to say a prayer to the Guardian Angel as a little kid and I had forgotten this.

Only recently when I was reading about Padre Pio, who used Guardian Angels as messengers, was I reminded once again of my poor Guardian Angel — whom I have disregarded all the while. 

B.I. shared this:

When my daughter was having her first child, I had to drive her to a hospital, 45 minutes from where we lived. She was six weeks early. The hospital is huge and I didn’t know where to go. As we were walking through the hospital, a person appeared behind us and asked if we were from Dargaville.  Was the mother-to-be early?  Was she 6 centimeters dilated? I said yes to all three. The person said, follow me. When we got to the ward doors, we went through first. I turned around to say thank you, and there was no one there. The person could not have gotten out of sight that quickly. So I believe that was an angel sent by God to direct us.

C.M. shared:

Once I had someone ask me a Microsoft Word question. I knew I didn’t know the answer. I just followed the steps to solve it that came to mind, and it all worked out. I am amazed at how God cares for us even in the smallest things, and his angels assist us in the process of everyday things.

L.M. commented:

I believe that I have experienced my guardian angel a few times, particularly when driving. But I also think I may have experienced them in human form a couple of times.  One strong time, I was in a place where I probably shouldn’t have been. Although there were many people around, this man showed up. He didn’t look like what I would have thought an angel to look like, and with a smile and with gentleness, he pretty much told me that I shouldn’t be there.  My response was not the nicest, and I’ve regretted my response always, as I truly do believe this was my guardian angel warning me — and of course he was right.

S.L. responded:

I am prone to falling down, and over the past few years, I have suffered quite a number of bad falls.  The latest one happened a few weeks ago, when I was distracted and fell flat on my face.  When I hit the ground, I was conscious of knocking my teeth onto the hard road pavement, despite trying to break the fall with my hands and feet.  The first thought that came into my mind, when I tasted the blood in my mouth, was that my teeth must have been broken, and ​knocked out of place, which sent all sort of thoughts racing through my mind.

I was calmed when my husband rushed to help me up, and I quickly asked if my teeth were in place.  Apart from ​only ​a chipped front tooth, scratches on my lips, bruises and sprains on my fingers, ankle and knees, I was able to stand up and sought treatment.

This happened in the morning and, miraculously, I could still carry on with my day’s affairs after the fall, pending my appointment to fix my chipped tooth, which was not even very obvious.  Nobody even noticed my injuries, unless I highlighted them.  I thank my guardian angel for watching over me and keeping me safe from injuries, which could have been ​much ​worse. We practice ​praying the “Armor of God” prayer every day and do trust and believe the Holy Spirit surrounds us with God’s angels to watch over us.

C.T. said:

My routine prayer is asking for God to cover my family with His Precious Blood. I share many events that our guardian agents are watching us. Incidences are:

  • If not for our mix-up in our itinerary to catch a domestic flight in Taiwan, we might not have survived that plane crash.
  • My son too was near death when, after he crossed the road, a vehicle crashed at that exact spot where he had been standing.
  • While at the airport check-in counter, I realized I had lost my bag. A calmed instinct prompted me to walk back to the restroom, and I found my bag hanging inside the cubicle intact and untouched.
  • I drove in wet weather. My car went spinning and haulted at the traffic junction.

A.M. shares:

I believe my guardian angel helped me avoid a certain collision when I was driving in an unknown suburban area and didn’t see a road sign indicating I was to give way to oncoming traffic. I was bewildered to see a car coming towards my left side and was given the ability to accelerate a great burst of speed which saw me pass in front of the car and stop a few metres further on, heart thumping but unscathed. I had absolutely no time to plan what to do. Cynics may call it instinct but I thank God for providing me with the protection of my guardian angel on that occasion.

S.I. wrote:

My first encounter with my guardian angel was a couple of years ago. It was on Oct 2nd, the Feast of Guardian Angels, a Friday evening and I was in hurry to join the first Friday Mass. I had a problem with the padlock at my house’s gate. It was stuck and I was unable to lock it properly after trying for several minutes.

In my desperation, I cried out to my guardian angel: “My Guardian Angel, please help me!!” And, voila! The door was locked properly and I was able to go to the Mass on time.

The second experience was also around the Feast of Guardian Angel. This time happened when I’ve got lost in the middle of an unfamiliar area. I didn’t know where to go and the place was quite deserted. I prayed to God, and suddenly there was another car coming from the other direction. By that time, spontaneously I remember God’s Word: “Look, I will send an angel before you…” and then I decided to follow that car wherever it goes. And finally, I was able to find the main street and I thanked God that indeed He sent an angel before me.

After that, I experienced lots of moments when my guardian angel supported me, guided me and helped me through many trials, for example by helping me when I drive, amazingly saving a parking lot for me in very crowded situation, supporting me in prayer and lots of things.

So far, whenever I’m asking for assistance of my guardian angel, I always ask to the Queen as well, i.e. Mother Mary, Queen of Angels. Then she will support me in prayer as well.


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