Session #13

What to Do When Things Go Wrong

Question for discussion (please post a comment):
What did you find most helpful in this video?

Comments from the live event

A.L. said this:

This video was an incredibly useful 4:56 minutes in time. I wish I had heard it years ago! Everything was helpful, but thoughts that spring to mind are: that God’s Holy Spirit is so likely to use our imaginations (what could happen), as opposed to using our logic (what ought to happen), just because God is God and we are not, and if we are called to walk on water it has to happen by faith, not logic!

I liked your use of the word ” become sensitive to the prompting of the Holy Spirit”. I agree that it’s an act of trust to respond to what we believe is a prompting of the Spirit and that it gets easier an easier the more we practice this response. To me there is a great joy and sense of wonder when I find evidence that I was indeed responding to the prompting of the Holy Spirit!

C.F. wrote:

What I found most useful here was that God works through our imagination — away from logic. He wants us to follow his adventure — walk on water. This is an extremely important point for me to remember and ponder. I am a person who always follow my instincts but those instincts could be the opposite of what the Holy Spirit is telling me. The next time I have an instinct, I need to pray to the Holy Spirit for discernment and also see if it’s logical. If it is logical most likely it is not the Holy Spirit. I need to continually pray and ask the Holy Spirit for guidance and discernment.

S.L. shares her testimony:

I have lived most of my life using logic and common sense in reasoning, making decisions, planning and even in spiritual matters. I am also a very analytical person and realized that this is one of my main weaknesses and a hindrance in living a life in the Spirit.

I am glad that I have learned to let go whenever I can and to move with the flow of things, trusting God to take control. This video session is an affirmation of God’s reminder that His ways and thoughts are far above ours, even if it seems illogical to our own limited human mindset.

My husband and I had often struggled in the past in our journey with our daughter as to what is best to help her overcome her depression and anxiety disorder. It was certainly not an easy task, especially with the many advice and opinions offered by well-meaning people and professionals, and with our own struggle with doubts and questions on why it happened to us.

We have also made a lot of mistakes and wrong decisions on what we thought or imagined was from the Holy Spirit but which, on hindsight, was based more on logic and common sense.

Through our journeying over these past few years, we are often been humbled when we decided to move with what we felt was the Holy Spirit’s prompting, defying the conventional way of doing things, and to our delight, the circumstances actually turned around for the better when we trusted God. It is amazing how God works, which is beyond what we ever expected.

Praise God, our daughter is progressing day by day, and even with life’s unexpected twists and turns, it does become an adventure when we journey with the Holy Spirit and open our eyes to see how God works. He continues to surprise us each day, and though we cannot see what lies ahead, we are sure that God is in it and He is watching over us !!!

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