Session #15

Three Purposes for Life in the Holy Spirit

Question for discussion (please post a comment):
How have I been experiencing the three purposes for life in the Holy Spirit?

  1. The Holy Spirit is my helper.
  2. The Holy Spirit helps me grow in holiness.
  3. The Holy Spirit sends me into the world to make a difference for the Kingdom of God.

Comments from the live event

S.I. shares this:

I would like to share my experience in a Pentecost Mass a couple of years ago. At that time, the priest encouraged us to ask for one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. The first thing which came in my mind was the story of Solomon who asked for Wisdom. So I asked for Wisdom so I could be more clever, more perfect in work and get a good career promotion — mostly related to worldly wisdom, because at that time, God’s Word was so unfamiliar for me. I couldn’t consume God’s Word because it was too hard to swallow.

Time passed, and there was no change in my career or in my level of cleverness. But to my surprise, one thing did change in me: Slowly but surely, I’ve been able to consume God’s Word. I began to enjoy reading God’s Word, and it brings so much joy in my life. God has taught me with His own hand how to consume His Word, how to live in His Word and how to speak in His Word. He gives me the True Wisdom, which does not come from this world but from His Own. He gave me the Spirit of Wisdom Who enables me to do lots of works much greater than I ever imagined. I couldn’t live a day without consuming His beautiful Word of Love. There is emptiness, hunger if I haven’t seen His Word.

And in addition, to my surprise, I enjoy The Word, not only in my native language, but also in English — a language which I’ve been struggling with for years to be understood. Yes, God granted me a significant improvement in my English skills through His Word. This is the best English course I’ve ever taken. The Spirit of Language has taught me to understand English far better than any English course in this world.

Thank you for taking this course!

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