Session #6
Recognizing and Winning Spiritual Warfare

What to do when things keep going wrong

Question for discussion (please post a comment):
We all need to recognize and be winning spiritual wars against us and our families. What is your favorite method of uplifting your spirits when things go wrong? Why does doing this help you in winning spiritual wars against you and indicate that you are living in the power of the Holy Spirit?

Comments from the live event

l.F. shares this:

Terry, I read [the scriptures] at Mass during the week, and there are times before Mass when I find it really difficult with doubts/anxiety (and there are times when I have asked another reader to read), and now that I have been listening to you, I realise it must be the other side not wanting me to serve God as I or God wants me to.

When things have gone or go wrong or I feel restless, I will pray and also throughout the day, I say to Jesus, “Jesus you know all my problems and fears and I surrender all this to You. You created me and You love me. Please take care of this.” Just handing it over brings me a calming peace, and during the day I will sing and praise God when I feel that nagging or the anxiety again. It is usually this beautiful song “and Holy, Holy is His Name” or the verse “I created you, you are mine, I will never leave you or abandon you….” There are more, much more and they all bring me great comfort. 

One day, when I walked up to the ambo to read, my heart started beating so fast and I became so nervous that I started to say the prayer to Our Lady, the “Hail Mary, full of grace …”, and I became totally calm.

In the morning I always give thanks to God for a new day, a new beginning, a day to serve Him, to love and adore Him and also for those who don’t.

D.A. writes:

We are so blessed to have Perpetual Adoration in our church. Praise God for such an awesome gift to us. I have a scheduled time of 3:00 on Wednesday, and I began going on Friday as well. Before this awesome and holy gift, anytime something was going on to the point of being distracted even during my prayers, I would say out loud the Sweet and Holy Names of “Jesus and Mary”, and I would keep repeating, and very soon this sense of calmness came over me. I still do it. Another would be to bless my house and all inside with Holy Water. I heard a close friend say, with such great joy, “When I make the sign of the cross, I actually bless myself in the name of Almighty God. How awesome is that?” How profound. Just how blessed we are by our Merciful God. Blessed be the Lord.

From C.F.:

Sometimes I like to sing hymns, and it really boosts my spirits up. I guess music uplifts spirits!! And when you sing, you pray twice, as the saying goes. Nowadays, I try to pray very hard. I don’t use any formal prayer, I just sit down and talk – just yak with the Lord about how I feel, how upset I am with anyone, how disappointed I am. I cry, too, if I feel like it, and I almost always say, “Jesus, I only want you and nothing else.” After this prayer, which is usually very long, I feel so much better, and then I will start praying my normal routine: the rosary and other prayers, including bible reading. This has helped me tremendously. I think it is because of the Holy Spirit in me that I am able to sit down and talk to the Lord. Otherwise I would definitely not be able to do that. I would wallow in self-pity and remain angry and bitter for a few days!

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