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Online Course on How to Hear the Holy SpiritLiving in the power of the Holy Spirit: Course Description

In this video course, I’ll lead you through the discovery (or deeper-than-ever-before discovery) of what living in the power of the Holy Spirit can be really like for you.

We are given the fullness of the Holy Spirit when we are baptized. In today’s world, we face many challenges and evil forces that threaten our joy and inner peace, and so we need to release the power of the Holy Spirit. Do you feel powerless in dealing with the difficulties you’re facing? Do you feel empty and alone? The Holy Spirit was given to you by Jesus, to be your Helper, a constant, faithful, supernatural Companion. If you feel like there should be more of God’s help in your life, you’re right. There should be. There can be! God desires this for you even more than you do.

In this course, we cover:

Week 1 – Stop Dreaming and Start Building Your Dream with Jesus
Week 2 – Recognizing and Winning Spiritual Warfare
Week 3 – Mary, Our Mother, Spouse of the Holy Spirit
Week 4 – Making Your Prayers More Powerful

The Good News ShowThis course is also available for download as MP3 podcast files from The Good News Show.


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Reviews by participants:

“I have enjoyed both courses [How to Hear the Holy Spirit, and Living in the Power of the Holy Spirit] and they have given me much to think upon. I will also go back over them, because I need to hear this often. Thank you for all you do for God’s people, and may God bless you and your family.” (B.I.)
“A very big thank you for this wonderful blessed course. Your explanations have helped me immensely to grow closer to the Holy Spirit and to let go and let God, to serve for the love of God.” (L.F.)
“Thank you for this course. I have just completed the final session and I am taking it all over again! I am learning but still need to review the lessons to make sure I get everything I need to from them. They are incredible in the sense that I get an overwhelming sense of joy and wonder, not to mention relief when listening to your lectures. Your words sound and feel so right.” (A.B.)
“I have been re-energised by this course. I definitely want to keep doing these courses! Invaluable opportunities! It’s SO EASY to do! Bite-sized chunks of video done in our own time. Being able to read the thoughts of others was valuable and I felt quite connected with them.” (A.M.)
“The sessions are marvelous and Spirit-filled.” (M.P.)


Living in the power of the Holy Spirit

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