Session #7

When Praying is Difficult

What happens when you’re too tired to pray? Or when you’re struggling with a challenge or troubles, and you feel anger or depression or other strong, negative emotion? How do we discern the presence of the Holy Spirit under those circumstances?

O’ Lord (a prayer-song by Lauren Daigle)

Questions for discussion (please post a comment):
Often we are our own worst enemies. We push ahead when we should slow down, sit down, and rest. We push to win an argument or we push our tired-bad moods onto others, causing them to react. Tiredness interferes with the soft voice of the Holy Spirit gently nudging us to back off, stop trying, and simply trust the Lord to take care of matters while we’re resting. What in today’s lesson is most comforting to you?

Comments from the live event

L.R. answers: What is comforting from today’s lesson is to know that even when I am tired or upset, I can take a rest and refresh. God is patient, and I think sometimes he wants us to slow down. It is hard to stop and listen, so being tired may be a way to force us to stop and listen.

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