Session #2

How to Know Which Crosses to Carry

Question for discussion (please post a comment):

What stands out to you as the most important points of Sessions #1 and #2? Why?

Participant K.A.C. shares this:

For session one, I learned that every cross leads to resurrection and that there is no resurrection without the cross. At the same time, you have helped me to shift my focus from looking at the cross to looking at Jesus.  And when I did that, something deep inside me fell into place. I have always done things because I am a very responsible person. That has caused me to feel very burdened and I felt I was losing my energy.  But when I shifted my eyes onto Jesus, I understood He did everything out of love.  That was the basis of all his actions and why he obeyed God even unto death. And so I shifted too from being responsible to doing it out of love.

And because of that, then session two made sense.  I then have the freedom to choose the crosses I carry and not carry all crosses that come my way and lose strength. So I have greater inner freedom.

For extra help on this, listen to the podcast “Unite your sufferings to Jesus for healing“.

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