Session #8

The Danger of Someone Else Getting a Message from God for You

Question for discussion (please post a comment):
Can you share an experience when someone gave you unsolicited advice and you felt uncomfortable with it? Or when you asked for help discerning God’s will and the response you got made you feel uneasy? How do you know that the uneasiness (lack of peace) was a warning from the Holy Spirit? What are the warning signs that the other person was not serving as the voice of the Spirit?

Comments from the live event

C.T. replied:

Years back when I was newly baptized, I had a conversation with another Christian on ‘how God answers our prayers. He shared his way of getting answers by flipping the pages of the bible randomly, and whenever his finger landed on a certain word, he literally took it as God’s answer. I found it so hilarious.

Terry’s response:

God does speak to us this way, sometimes. Always, though, it cannot be the only method. It cannot be trusted by itself. Some people seem to be more gifted for this method. My husband, for example — God has spoken this way, especially when ministering to his doubts. But when it never works for me.

C.F. wrote:

I asked a friend for advice about a particular relationship I was actually afraid of getting into. This friend I asked was not a Catholic nor a Christian. She immediately told me not to get into it. I was shocked with her answer and immediately felt uneasy; I just knew it was not right. But at that time in my life I was under a terrible emotional turmoil and I too did not want to be burdened with a new relationship, hence I followed her advice. But years later, somehow this friendship developed, and I realized how wrong I was to have asked that friend of mine. I guess sometimes people have their own selfish motives. The warning sign was the uneasiness I felt instantly. But I was blinded by my own desires! 

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