Session #12
Making Prayers More Powerful

Receiving peace amidst problems with others and in the world

Receiving peace has been a focus of this course.  It is my prayer that you are receiving peace from the Holy Spirit in great abundance. To end this course, for our closing prayer, play this music:

So set a fire down in my soul
That I can’t contain and I can’t control
I want more of You God, I want more of You God!

There’s no place I’d rather be …
Than here in your love, here in your love.


Before the great multitude of heavenly witnesses, I offer myself, soul and body to You, Eternal Spirit of God. I adore the brightness of Your purity, the unerring righteousness of Your justice, and the unconditional nature of Your love. You are the strength and light of my soul. In You I live and move and have my being. I desire never to grieve You by unfaithfulness, and I pray with all my heart for help in avoiding even the smallest sin against You. Mercifully guard my every thought and grant that I may always watch for Your light, listen to Your voice, and follow Your inspirations. I cling to You and give myself to You and ask You by Your compassion to watch over me in my weakness. I implore You, Adorable Spirit, helper of my infirmity, to keep me always in Your grace. Give me grace O Holy Spirit, Spirit of the Father and the Son, to say to You always and everywhere, “Speak Lord for Your servant is listening.” Amen.

Question for discussion (please post a comment):
What will you do, now that this course is finished, to help others live in the power of the Holy Spirit?

Comments from the live event

B.I. answered:

Hopefully they will see the peace I carry and will want that peace. Also, I can share with them what I’ve gotten out of this course, the new insights. In some ways I was scared of the Holy Spirit. Now I feel closer to him and, like that song says, I do want more of God. I’m excited about the future and where God is leading me.

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