Session #7

How Jesus Helps Us Carry Our Crosses

Bring to mind the heaviest cross you’re carrying now. Then listen to Jesus speak to you about it through this prayer meditation.

For You, I Carry the Cross” was written by Terry Modica. The background music was composed and produced by Robert Metivier, narrated by Ralph Modica.

For You, I Carry the Cross

Question for discussion (please post a comment):

What do you hope to do next to allow friends to help you carry your crosses? Describe the good and the bad experiences you’ve had in sharing your burdens with friends. What about other types of counselors?

A participant said this:

Session 7 really spoke to me, about allowing friends to help us carry our cross(es). I am a member of [a retreat] ministry at my parish…. This is a great ministry and has blessed my life with sisters and brothers in Christ. I struggle after I share details of my cross(es) with my sisters, because I feel guilty for having done so. The cross I am currently carrying is a result of some significant challenges with our child. I feel guilty when I share details of the trial because I don’t want to put my child in a bad light. My good experiences have been that my sisters in Christ are always willing to pray for me, my child, my family.

Terry’s response:

If our friends are truly followers of Christ, they know not to judge the people who cause us to carry crosses. They love them with Christ’s own love and want what’s best for them as well as for us. We shouldn’t have to worry about putting someone in a bad light by talking about our trials.

Often, we hold back from letting others minister to us, because we know it’s sinful to gossip. However, it’s not gossip if it’s kept confidential and if it’s done for the sake of prayer support and emotional support and to help us find solutions. Gossip nails someone else to a cross. Confidential sharing lifts the burden of our own cross.

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